USS Hornet (1/16/15): Assorted EVPs from Around the Ship

These clips were recorded in different parts of the Hornet, as our group traveled from one location to the next.

Clip 1: Take a listen to this one; it’s kind of odd. This was before the investigation on the Hornet started and we were standing around talking. You’ll hear Chris say, “Maybe our friend will be there.” Someone else says, “Why, why do you suppose there?” Listen for the male voice that sounds like it’s on top of what the women are saying. I’m pretty sure it’s not something a human said, because it sounds nonsensical to me. I also think it’s the voice of an elderly man. What do you hear?

Clip 2: Hopefully you’ll be able to hear this one. This was recorded during the orientation session. A man is talking in the background and you can hear him say, “I’m going to be taking them around….” In the middle of this sentence, I hear a faint non-human voice and it sounds like it’s saying, “Lord, please help.” I wish we’d heard this in real time, as we might’ve been able to do something to help this spirit. (Note: I’ve amplified this part of the clip but it’s still hard to hear. I suggest using ear buds to really hear the voice.)

Clip 3: This clip was recorded as our group moved off to the main mess hall. You’ll hear the sounds of our feet moving and a slightly pinched voice that says something clearly. Can you make out what it’s saying? I also have to say that I’ve recorded some really interesting things on past investigations on the Hornet when we’ve been walking from one spot to the next.

Clip 4: This is on our way out of the 442 exhibit room. You’ll hear some of us talking in the background and our footsteps. Listen at the 2 second mark for a male voice that slowly says something. Can you make it out?

Clip 5: This one is pretty clear. Chris asks me, “Do you know what’s on your left?” A male voice replies, “What?”

Clip 6: You’ll hear some of us talking as we’re on the move. At the 3 second mark, I can hear a male voice say something. Can you make out what it’s saying?

Clip 7: At the 2 second mark, I can hear a male voice say, “Jump on.” (Hopefully not on me!)

Clip 8: This was recorded as we traveled through the ship. In this clip, you’ll hear the “raw” sound–without amplification. Can you pick out what the disembodied voice is saying?

Clip 9: Here’s the same clip as #8 but amplified. I hear what sounds like 2 different voices.

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