USS Hornet (1/16/15): Chief Petty Officer’s Mess

Went on another 3 hour Friday night tour of the USS Hornet with friends on 1/16/15. I’ve investigated the Hornet a bunch of times over the last few years, but Friday night’s tour was the most active! You know it’s going to be an active night when your first question of the night (“Can you tell us where the most active location on the ship is tonight?”) is greeted with 2 REM pods going off at the same time, along with hits on the K2 and Ghost Meter! Even our docent was surprised at all the things happening.

Clip 1: We’ve just started off the evening with a quick EVP session. Bill, our docent, says, “We’ll pull out some cards and play Acey-Deucy, Chief,” referring to a popular card game that was played in that Mess. At the 3 second mark, you’ll hear a sound that we all heard in real time. Several of us thought someone (human) in our group snickered in response to Bill but no one had. In real time, the snicker sounded very real and very human even though it was a disembodied sound. It unfortunately sounds more mechanical in this clip.

Clip 2: Right after this, a flashlight turns on. Chris asks, “You just turned the flashlight on, was that somebody’s spirit snickering?” There is a very loud response that sounds like, “could have.”

Clip 3: It’s interesting that Bill spoke to “The Chief [Petty Officer].” Almost 7 minutes earlier, Bill was explaining how the K2 meter worked. Bill says, “So if I take it over to a switch panel….” Listen just before Bill says “switch panel.” There’s a very loud voice that says, “Chief said so.”

Clip 4: Here’s the moment when all the electrical equipment went off at the same time. It’s like all hell broke loose in response to my question. If only the spirits were always so obliging.

What’s even better is that, when Laura replayed this moment, the electrical equipment went off in real time again! It was like the spirits were responding each time they heard my question to them.

Clip 5: Ginny, who was on her first ghost investigation, says, “My name is Ginny and, uhm….” At the 3 second mark, a deep male voice says, “Howdy” in response. I’ve amplified that part of the clip so hopefully you can hear it.

Clip 6: This is a 2nd generation recording. Right after Laura introduces herself, there’s a quick “whoop” noise, followed by a female voice that may possibly be saying, “Hello.”

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