USS Hornet (1/16/15): From the 442 Exhibit

The 442 exhibit honors the men who fought in the 442 infantry regiment during WWII. This regiment was made up of mostly Japanese American men who had family members who were interned. The regiment received the most awards for their bravery during war in the history of the US military forces. It has a special place for me, since I’m Japanese American.

Clip 1: Laura says, “No, remember? Does she need to go back to work?” A male voice clearly says, “Oh my God.” I’m pretty sure that wasn’t said by any of the living, human men who were in the room at the time. I’ve amplified the EVP so you can hear it better. I wonder what the spirit was responding to.

Clip 2: During our time in the exhibit room, the group heard a knocking or rattling noise in a small room off the seating area. This is the first time we heard the sound. The sound can be heard at the 4 second mark.

Clip 3: Laura asks, “Are you impressed with the little bit of Japanese that I spoke?” The same knocking noise can be heard at the 5 second mark.

Clip 4: In this clip, you’ll hear the knocking noise at the 9 second mark. It’s much shorter this time than the other 2 times we heard the sound. The sound can be heard before Bill says, “Light up Mike’s flashlight.” I’ve included our responses to hearing that sound.

Clip 5: At the end of our time in the 442 exhibit room, several of us tried to find the source of the knocking/rattling noise. I’d just checked a door to see if the sound came from a nearby door moving. (It didn’t.) In this clip, Bill asks me if the door I’d just checked was locked. I reply, “I don’t know, I didn’t check.” You can hear the noise of people (us) moving in the background. At the 7 second mark, I hear a voice say, “Open.” Bill had just opened the door!

Clip 6: I include this one as a possible EVP. Bill says, “There’s nothing causing the ship to rattle” and make the noise we’d heard. You’ll hear Chris talking softly. At the 4 second mark, a voice says, “Me, yawning.” Upon analysis, it’s not Bill. It’s most likely not Mike, either, because it doesn’t sound like him. Is this a disembodied voice tagging for our recorders? Or was this John, who is a new person to our ghost hunting group? I’m not used to hearing John’s voice, so it’s possible “Me, yawning” might be from him. What do you think?

Clip 7: Laura asks the spirits, “Are you going to continue following us when we leave this room?” You have to wait near the end of the clip to hear a male voice respond to Laura’s question.

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