USS Hornet (1/16/15): O2 Room

This was our last stop of the night.

Clip 1: We’ve just sung “Happy Birthday” to “you” (instead of using the name of a specific person). I ask, “Can you tell us who ‘you’ is?” There’s an immediate response, although the disembodied voice doesn’t say a name. I hear “[something] [something] put it.” Can you make out the rest?

Clip 2: Chris asks, “Did you like our song [Happy Birthday]?” There’s an odd noise at the 3 second mark that didn’t come from the humans in the room, followed by a direct response. Did the spirits like our song? (I’ve amplified this part of the clip so you can hear the response more clearly.)

Clip 3: We’re trying to find another song to sing to the spirits. You’ll hear Chris sing, “99 bottles of beer on the wall…” A disembodied voice says something that sounds like “no door.”

Clip 4: As we’re sitting in the O2 room, another group comes by. You’ll hear the docent of the other group say, “We’re going to the Admiral’s.” He asks someone in his group, “Do you know the back way?” and she replies, “I don’t.” Right after this, there’s a possible EVP. I’ve slowed this part of the clip down so you can catch what’s being said. To me, it sounds like, “Move everyone,” as if a spirit is trying to direct the humans to where they need to be.

Clip 5: Here’s an interesting one. Laura is trying to think of another joke for us to tell the spirits. She says, “I’m trying to think, I’m trying to think of one.” Listen for the sound/noise above her voice when she first speaks. I can’t make out if there’s a voice or if it’s saying something. It sounds kind of mechanical to me. What do you think?

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