USS Hornet (1/16/15): REM Pod Activity in the 442 Exhibit Room

While I didn’t catch many EVPs in the 442 exhibit room, there was quite a lot of REM pod activity happening. Based on what I was experiencing, it certainly seemed like the spirits were using the REM pod to communicate with us. Take a listen to these clips–all REM pod activity–and see what you think. Coincidental? Or intentional?

Clip 1: Chris asks, “Do you like the Irish people in this room?”

Clip 2: Chris asks, “Is there a spirit who’s part Irish in here with us?”

Clip 3: Chris asks the spirits if they like the Norwegian and Swedish people in the room. There’s no response from the REM pod. Then, she aks, “Just the Irish people, right?”

Clip 4: Chris asks the spirits if they like blondes (no response) or brunettes.

Clip 5: Bill says, “Laura needs a date. Light up the REM pod.”

Clip 6: Chris asks the spirits if they want me alone in the room with them so they can teach me some Japanese.

Clip 7: Laura asks the spirits if they’d like her to sit down so they can have our attention and take Laura’s place standing in front of us.

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