Private Investigation (1/24/15): Was This One of Us?

This EVP was caught just seconds after the first one I just posted. We’re still in the pre-investigation stage, getting our stuff together.

Laura J says, “Myself, plus 17 for Alameda Naval Air Museum…” There’s a possible EVP at the beginning of the clip, just as she starts to speak and I hear what could possibly be the word, “Passport.”

Next, you’ll hear Laura J say, “It’s 18,000 square feet….” At the 4 second mark, I hear a voice say a drawn-out and slightly amazed, “Wow,” followed by another voice that says what sounds like, “Awesome” before Laura J continues with “And then Preston Castle….”

Is there a chance the “wow” and “awesome” was a minor vocalization by one of the women present in response to what Laura J was saying at the time?

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