Month: February 2015

Private Investigation (1/24/15): Investigation Wrap-Up

This is my fourth time investigating this house and I must say that it never disappoints me. Each investigation has felt different from all the others and special every single time. I love investigating this place for some reason. I knew from the beginning that this was going to be an active investigation. Before anyone else arrived at the house, I was sitting in my car parked on the side of the house. I was reading my tablet as I waited for the others to arrive, but I kept getting distracted Read more [...]

Private Investigation (1/24/15): Odd Noises in the Doll Room

During the last half of the investigation, our group explored the first floor of the house. I left DVR 2 in the doll room on the 2nd floor to see if I could pick up anything. Here are some of the sounds that were heard. Keep in mind that everyone--investigators and docents--was downstairs and no one (human) was in this room at the time of the recording. Clip 1: 3 soft thumps heard somewhere on the 2nd floor. Footsteps? Clip 2: A male voice says, "Look out, Rebecca." While there Read more [...]

Private Investigation (1/24/15): Miscellaneous Clips, Part 2

Clip 1: This was recorded during our break. You'll hear the sounds of people doing things in the background. In the middle of this, I can hear a male voice whisper what sounds like, "Katie, count her." The name Katie has significance for the location; she was the wife of one of the prior owners of the house. Clip 2: This was recorded at the start of the house tour in the entryway. You'll hear the sounds of humans doing things in the background, along with a male voice that whispers Read more [...]

Private Investigation (1/24/15): Miscellaneous Clips of Possible EVPs, Part 1

This is a hodge-podge of possible EVPs and odd sounds recorded during this investigation. Clip 1: This is a 2nd generation recording from the office. You'll hear the REM pod going off in the background, indicating a fluctuation in the EMF around the device. Laura J says, "You could put the green light back on," followed by a disembodied male voice. The male voice seems to be responding directly to Laura J. Clip 2: This is also from the office. Someone's spirit communication Read more [...]

Private Investigation (1/24/15): The Dining Room

Clip 1: You'll hear 2 members of our group talk about the Ghost Radar app for Android phones. Lisa says, "This is the one I have, the classic [version]." The other woman says, "Does it say it's free?" This is followed by a male voice. Remember: There were no men (well, human ones) present on this investigation as part of the team or docents. Can you make out what the voice says? Clip 2: Someone says, "She came back?" Laura J replies, "She changed her mind. She didn't like Read more [...]

Private Investigation (1/24/15): 2nd Generation Recordings from the Doll Room, Part 2

More 2nd generation recordings of EVP sessions conducted in the Doll Room. Clip 1: One of us makes a sound, followed by Laura J saying, "Maybe it said 'bear'." Just before Laura speaks, a male voice quickly says, "They're here." Clip 2: Someone asks, "Do you have a favorite teddy bear?" At the 3 second mark, a male voice says faintly, "Don't do it." This is just before the clip ends. Clip 3: Someone asks, "Did your parents yell at you a lot?" Near the end of the Read more [...]

Private Investigation (1/24/15): 2nd Generation Recordings from the Doll Room, Part 1

These clips are from my recording of Laura J's recorders (2nd generation) playing back a quick EVP session we conducted in the Doll Room. Clip 1: Someone asks, "Can you touch the red object under the tree?" You'll hear a soft rustling noise at 7 seconds, followed by Laura J who tags the sound as, "That's Lisa moving." Lisa has moved slightly and that makes a sound that is picked up by the recorders. What's interesting is that, during the rustling noise and before Laura J can tag the Read more [...]

Private Investigation (1/24/15): The Doll Room

These were recorded in the "doll room" on the 2nd floor. This room tends to have a good amount of activity in it. It's set up as a child's room and there are a number of dolls in it. Hence, the nickname of the "doll room." Clip 1: This clip has 2 possible EVPs. You'll hear one of us say, "Where's the ball?" followed by a cough. (Laura J brought a small red ball for the spirits to play with and had just set it out on the floor.) A disembodied male voice says, "I have the ball." Next, Read more [...]

Private Investigation (1/24/15): Master Bedroom

After the dressing room, the group moved to the master bedroom. Clip 1: We conducted a short session with the SB7 spirit box. You hear Lisa ask the spirits, "Do you like this room?" There's an immediate response of "We do." Clip 2: Someone asks what a chest at the foot of the bed was used for. A male voice says something at the 7 second mark. Can you make it out? (Unfortunately, it doesn't sound like an answer to the question that was asked.) Clip 3: This is a Read more [...]

Private Investigation (1/24/15): Dressing Room

These clips were recorded in the little dressing room/walk-in closet off the master bedroom on the 2nd floor. Clip 1: You'll hear a bleep coming from a walkie-talkie. Then, there's a thump sound. Just before the thump (made by one of us as we set up in this room), a non-human voice says, "Glad to have had it." I've amplified this part of the clip so hopefully you'll be able to hear the words. Clip 2: In this clip, you'll hear Laura J ask the spirits to give a sign of their presence Read more [...]