Private Investigation (1/24/15): Gift Shop Clips Part 1

The house is a historic site and has a small, on-site gift shop on the 2nd floor. This was our first location of the night. There were a number of possible EVPs recorded in this room, so I’ll post them in different parts. This is Part 1.

Clip 1: This was recorded as the group was setting up in the gift shop. The possible EVP is at the 2nd second mark. When I first listened to the possible EVP, I thought it sounded like “often see.” Listening to it right now, I hear something very different. Can you make out what the voice is saying?

Clip 2: In this clip, I hear a male voice quickly say, “I like ’em.” Was the voice referring to the items in the gift shop or us?

Clip 3: Laura J says, “2 minutes to go. That doesn’t sound right. Maybe I have it set wrong where it’s like what’s going instead of what’s left.”

A female voice says something at the 8 second mark. Can you make it out? I’ve amplified that part of the clip so you can hear the voice better. I don’t think this was one of the women in our group; if I’m wrong, please let me know.

Clip 4: In this clip, you’ll hear Laura J gathering up her equipment as we get ready to move to the next room. She says, “Alright. Gathering equipment.”

At the 3 second mark, I hear a male voice say, “She drove me to it.” One of the women in the group calls out the name of her friend (Yoko). At the 6 second mark, I hear another male voice say, “Do it to me.” At the 8 second mark, I hear another “Do it to me,” but it’s much clearer and louder than the first one. You’ll then hear Lisa ask, “Got it?”

What could these spirits be talking about?

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