Private Investigation (1/24/15): Gift Shop Part 2

These clips are all 2nd generation recordings that were recorded during a playback of a quick EVP session. The group is still in the gift shop.

Clip 1: Laura J asks, “Could you tell me your name, please?” At the 9 second mark, I hear a male voice reply, “Couldn’t do that.” (Before that, I can hear a faint male voice that also says “Couldn’t do that.” See if you can hear the first time this is said.)

Clip 2: Lisa asks, “How many spirits are in here, in this room?” At the 4 second mark, I hear a voice say, “A couple.”

Clip 3: Someone asks, “[Did anyone in this house] pass away, by a heart attack?” At the 8 second mark, I can faintly hear “Tom and Nick” or “Dominic.” I’ve amplified this part of the clip so hopefully you can hear this.

Clip 4: You’ll hear Laura J say, “Starting second EVP session, upstairs, gift shop.” Right after she finishes, I can hear a male voice say, “Got a problem?” The voice sounds like it’s shouting from a distance.

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