Private Investigation (1/24/15): Gift Shop Part 3

This is the last set of possible EVPs recorded in the gift shop. All of these are 2nd generation recordings.

Clip 1: Someone asks, “Are there any children in this room with us?” A very faint voice replies, “I thought so.”

Clip 2: Laura J asks, “Can you say one of our names?” Right after this, the Ovilus says, “Valuable.” Then, I hear a disembodied voice say one of our names at the 6 second mark. It’s very faint so it’s best heard with headphones/ear buds.

Clip 3: I ask, “During World War II, how many apartments were created out of this one house?” Very faintly, you can hear, “I’m smoking,” followed by “Just do it.”

Clip 4: You’ll hear Laura J say, “Her left eye, my right leg.” A male voice says, “Turn back.” This is a pretty clear EVP that is not enhanced in any way from the original recording.

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