Private Investigation (1/24/15): Heard During the Pre-Investigation Set-Up

These clips were recorded before the investigation started. All in all, a very nice way to start off an investigation.

Clip 1: In this clip, Laura J says, “Sierra Nevada House, Sierra Nevada House, there was one, two, three [people who went]….” As Laura J says “three,” another female voice also says “three,” as if to help with the count. I’m pretty sure this wasn’t any of the other women who were present and it certainly wasn’t me. The docents were not around us.

Clip 2: A male voice can be heard as Laura J talks, starting at the 3 second mark. I can make out one male voice say, “help her,” “whatever,” “everybody help her,” and, finally, “I don’t know.” It sounds like the same voice each time.

Note that you’ll also hear a woman in the background talking about a “Norman Green.” I’m pretty sure that voice is from one of the humans talking in a softer voice.

I’ve amplified the last 6 seconds of this clip, so you can hopefully hear the male voice. Keep in mind that there were no men present (well, human, anyway) on this investigation.

Clip 3: You’ll hear Laura J talking softly in the background. At the 2 second mark, I hear a male disembodied voice say something. Can you make it out?

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