Private Investigation (1/24/15): Dressing Room

These clips were recorded in the little dressing room/walk-in closet off the master bedroom on the 2nd floor.

Clip 1: You’ll hear a bleep coming from a walkie-talkie. Then, there’s a thump sound. Just before the thump (made by one of us as we set up in this room), a non-human voice says, “Glad to have had it.” I’ve amplified this part of the clip so hopefully you’ll be able to hear the words.

Clip 2: In this clip, you’ll hear Laura J ask the spirits to give a sign of their presence to Michelle, who is by herself in another room on the 2nd floor. At the 16 second mark, a voice can be heard saying, “OK.” I don’t think this was one of the humans (Laura J, me, Yoko, Lisa, and Karen) but if I’m wrong, please let me know. This is followed by another female voice–definitely not one of the humans–that says, “Pray” or “Prey.”

Clip 3: Laura J set up “isolation sessions” for each of us to have our own personal experience with the house. While we were in the dressing room, she had each of us go alone into the doll room, located on the same floor, for a few minutes.

You’ll hear me ask, “What is the last name of the woman who is sitting in the doll room right now?” At the 7 second mark, a male voice says, “Sanders.” I’ve amplified this part of the clip.

Sanders was not the last name of the woman sitting in the doll room by herself. However, it is the last name of one of the humans who was in the dressing room at the time I asked this question.

Clip 4: This one might be hard to catch. You’ll hear Laura J talking. She says, “That’s why I’m saying, so I’m like, she’s tagging for herself but the thing is….” Listen for the moment when Laura says, “…I’m saying, so I’m like….” There is a clear, disembodied voice that says what sounds like, “They know.”

Clip 5: I have a stuffed Old English Sheepdog who’s met Laura J. Laura J asks, “Can you tell me the name of Ann’s shaggy dog?” A male voice says, “Bear,” at the 8 second mark. I’ve amplified this part of the clip.

What’s interesting is that I call my OES “Bear Bear.” That’s a pretty close answer!

Clip 6: Someone asks, “Can you touch one of us?” A breathy male voice whispers, “Yes.”

Clip 7: This one is pretty faint. Laura J asks, “How many acres [of land] did you own?” A female disembodied voice says, “I should know” at the 3 second mark.

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