Private Investigation (1/24/15): 2nd Generation Recordings from the Doll Room, Part 1

These clips are from my recording of Laura J’s recorders (2nd generation) playing back a quick EVP session we conducted in the Doll Room.

Clip 1: Someone asks, “Can you touch the red object under the tree?” You’ll hear a soft rustling noise at 7 seconds, followed by Laura J who tags the sound as, “That’s Lisa moving.” Lisa has moved slightly and that makes a sound that is picked up by the recorders.

What’s interesting is that, during the rustling noise and before Laura J can tag the sound, I hear a voice say, “Move it, Lisa.”

Clip 2a: I ask, “What is the name of the black dog sitting under the Christmas tree?” A male disembodied voice whispers, “Asta.”

Clip 2b: Here’s the same clip, this time slowed down. I’ve also amplified the section with the male voice. You’ll hear it at the 7 second mark.

The name, Asta, is significant. On prior visits to the house, Laura J had named the stuffed black dog (the one I was referring to) Asta. (Asta is the name of the dog that starred in The Thin Man movies). I didn’t know this name when I asked the question. It was only upon playback and hearing the name that Laura J told all of us that she’d named the dog Asta.

clip 2c: This is a 1st generation recording. As we’re about to leave the Doll Room, I say, “Hey, Asta! See you next time!” A male voice quickly says, “Asta.”

Clip 3: I’m not sure what’s being said in this clip. All I know is the voice is female. You’ll hear Laura J say, “Before you go, Michelle….” Listen to the sound behind Laura J’s words; this is the voice of another female. I’m pretty sure it’s not one of us in the room. If anyone can confirm this, please let me know.

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