Private Investigation (1/24/15): 2nd Generation Recordings from the Doll Room, Part 2

More 2nd generation recordings of EVP sessions conducted in the Doll Room.

Clip 1: One of us makes a sound, followed by Laura J saying, “Maybe it said ‘bear’.” Just before Laura speaks, a male voice quickly says, “They’re here.”

Clip 2: Someone asks, “Do you have a favorite teddy bear?” At the 3 second mark, a male voice says faintly, “Don’t do it.” This is just before the clip ends.

Clip 3: Someone asks, “Did your parents yell at you a lot?” Near the end of the clip, a voice sounds like it’s saying, “Come here and go” or “Here we go.”

Clip 4: This one should be pretty clear. Someone asks, “What’s your name?” There is a quick reply. Can you make out what’s said?

Clip 5: During the first EVP session, some of us heard a voice ask for help. We followed up on this request by conducting another EVP session, this time trying to contact who/whatever was asking us for help.

You’ll hear Laura J ask, “Are you stuck here? Are you stuck…[what do you need] help with?” At the 6 second mark, I can hear a voice that sounds young and robotic. Can you make out what’s said?

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