Private Investigation (1/24/15): Investigation Wrap-Up

This is my fourth time investigating this house and I must say that it never disappoints me. Each investigation has felt different from all the others and special every single time. I love investigating this place for some reason.

I knew from the beginning that this was going to be an active investigation. Before anyone else arrived at the house, I was sitting in my car parked on the side of the house. I was reading my tablet as I waited for the others to arrive, but I kept getting distracted by something blurry and grey moving somewhere in the background. I could see something dashing back and forth in one of my car mirrors. This happened several times.

Later, when the others arrived, Laura J and Karen both saw a dark figure run along the same area I’d seen movement earlier. Was this the same thing I’d seen? Was this possibly a person? We didn’t know, even after Laura J and Karen went off to find out what they’d seen.

To top it off, when I first drove up to the house, all the windows were dark as no one was inside. Or so I thought. But there was one window lit up on the first floor off the kitchen, and I thought someone else was already inside. The arrival of the other investigators and the docents told me that no one–human–was inside the house and there should not have been any light on in this window. Later, the light went off but I didn’t notice. I didn’t really think anything about this until one of the other investigators said that she’d seen a light on in the same window when she drove up to the house. Really?

Hmmmm. Pretty cool way to start off any investigation!

I collected a number of EVPs from this location. It started in the pre-investigation as we got set up for the night, and didn’t stop all night long. Most of the disembodied voices were male, which is significant as there were no male docents or men on the investigation team.

I also have several EVPs of female disembodied voices. Most of these are not things any of the human women said. During the investigation, I felt the definite presence of at least one or two women who followed us around the house.

Laura J put each of us in an “isolation session,” where we sat by ourselves in another room on the same floor where all the other investigators were. On the 2nd floor, the doll room was used for these sessions while the rest of the group did EVP sessions in the dressing room.

On the 1st floor, the front office was used for isolation while the rest of us sat around the dining room table conducting different experiments to communicate with the spirits.

I should note that, on my prior investigations at this house, someone has always reported a negative, heavy feeling in the office. Almost as if a spirit didn’t want us in his private space. The space in that room is definitely different from elsewhere in the house.

Michelle was the first one to volunteer for an isolation session in the office. Laura J left her alone in the dark for about 3 to 4 minutes. When the time was up, she went back to collect Michelle. Michelle reported an odd experience that felt very real to her. The docents had left a metal folding chair in the office for us to sit on. Michelle said that, while she was seated in this chair, she suddenly felt the presence of something/someone rushing up to her from behind.

This was Michelle’s first time investigating the house, so she didn’t know the layout of the office room. She first thought someone (i.e., a human being) had run up to the window or something. She turned around to see what was behind her. There was no window, just a tall bookcase with glass doors and the bookcase was up flush with the wall!

Needless to say, this experience caused several of the investigators to skip when it was their turn to be isolated in the office.

I was a little freaked out by Michelle’s experience but I went ahead and took a turn in the office by myself. (Always best to face one’s fears, I think.) I didn’t experience anything in the office. However, the door to the office was open and I could see into the entryway and into the music room directly across from the office. I did see several “fairy lights” float around in the darkened music room and saw a long shadow move along the top of the wall by the front door.

I didn’t find as many intelligent EVPs during this investigation as I have on other investigations. But there were a few good ones, including “Bear,” “Asta,” and “Alice in Wonderland.”

There were a lot of what I would classify as random EVPs. Not necessarily residual but the word(s) made no sense to what was being said by the humans or happening in the room at the time they were recorded. The owners of the house have only recently allowed ghost investigation groups to investigate the house, and I know on my first few visits I felt like the spirits, while present, weren’t quite sure who we were or how to communicate with us.

This time, I felt the spirits were getting better at using the different ways to communicate with us. The dowsing rods were useless this night. But there was a lot of flashlight activity in response to us and our questions. I unfortunately was not able to set up my video camera (broken tripod), so I don’t have video footage of the night. Laura J did run her video camera but only at the end of the evening and only in the office.

All in all, this was a very interesting and satisfying investigation! I thank the owners for letting me in to investigate their house and, as always, all the spirits who showed up to see what we were doing.

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