Private Investigation (1/24/15): Master Bedroom

After the dressing room, the group moved to the master bedroom.

Clip 1: We conducted a short session with the SB7 spirit box. You hear Lisa ask the spirits, “Do you like this room?” There’s an immediate response of “We do.”

Clip 2: Someone asks what a chest at the foot of the bed was used for. A male voice says something at the 7 second mark. Can you make it out? (Unfortunately, it doesn’t sound like an answer to the question that was asked.)

Clip 3: This is a 2nd generation clip. It’s been slowed down slightly. I ask, “Do you know where I went for dinner” before the investigation started. At the 3 second mark, I can faintly hear a woman say, “In and Out Burger?” That’s exactly where I had dinner! There’s one just down the street from the house.

Clip 4: This is also a 2nd generation clip. Karen asks, “Did you have a favorite book?” I hear a female voice say the title of a well known book at the 3 second mark. I’ve amplified this part of the clip. Can you make out the name of the book?

In this room, we set up the flashlights for the spirits to use in answering our questions. Karen asked the spirits to tell us how many humans were in the room at the moment. A flashlight blinked on-and-off 6 times. There were 6 of us present.

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