Private Investigation (1/24/15): Miscellaneous Clips of Possible EVPs, Part 1

This is a hodge-podge of possible EVPs and odd sounds recorded during this investigation.

Clip 1: This is a 2nd generation recording from the office. You’ll hear the REM pod going off in the background, indicating a fluctuation in the EMF around the device. Laura J says, “You could put the green light back on,” followed by a disembodied male voice. The male voice seems to be responding directly to Laura J.

Clip 2: This is also from the office. Someone’s spirit communication app has said a word. This is followed by Laura J tagging, “REM pod” (which you can just barely hear in the background) and a single knock. (I’m pretty sure the knock sound was made by one of the humans in the room.) Then, a male voice says something. Can you make it out?

Clip 3: This was recorded as we returned from the house tour we took before starting the investigation. You’ll hear the sound of our footsteps. In the middle of this, someone says a word. Can you make out the word? (It’s actually not “Laura”!)

Clip 4: One of the docents says in the background, “But there is a door there,” followed by laughter. Another docent says, “You have to kind of meander….” As the other docent begins speaking, I can hear a male voice shout out, “That’s right.” I love interactive spirits!

Clip 5: This was recorded during our break. You’ll hear the sound of a human moving in the background and a very clear male disembodied voice. Can you make out what he/it is saying?

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    1. Ann Ueda

      Hi Julie!

      I hear something close to what you hear: “Damn you.” I’m glad you’re enjoying the blog! It was great to meet you at the Martinez location and I look forward to seeing you soon at another investigation!