Private Investigation (1/24/15): Miscellaneous Clips, Part 2

Clip 1: This was recorded during our break. You’ll hear the sounds of people doing things in the background. In the middle of this, I can hear a male voice whisper what sounds like, “Katie, count her.” The name Katie has significance for the location; she was the wife of one of the prior owners of the house.

Clip 2: This was recorded at the start of the house tour in the entryway. You’ll hear the sounds of humans doing things in the background, along with a male voice that whispers what sounds like, “Person.” Were the spirits talking about one of us entering the house?

Clip 3: This is from the house tour. One of the docents says, “But they didn’t stop here.” Can you hear the spirit’s response?

Clip 4: While on the house tour, Laura J warned us to not ask very personal questions of the spirits, as these could offend them. Laura J says, “We’ve had people ask really…” and the docent says, “Very intimate….” Listen to the moment between the two women speaking. Can you make out what the disembodied voice is saying to us?

Clip 5: This is also from the house tour. You’ll hear the docent talking in the background, along with a disembodied voice that says, “In my pocket.

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