Private Investigation (1/24/15): Odd Noises in the Doll Room

During the last half of the investigation, our group explored the first floor of the house. I left DVR 2 in the doll room on the 2nd floor to see if I could pick up anything. Here are some of the sounds that were heard. Keep in mind that everyone–investigators and docents–was downstairs and no one (human) was in this room at the time of the recording.

Clip 1: 3 soft thumps heard somewhere on the 2nd floor. Footsteps?

Clip 2: A male voice says, “Look out, Rebecca.” While there were several instances of people talking as they walked by the house, it doesn’t sound like it’s coming from the outside. Instead, it sounds like someone whispering in the doll room.

Next is a series of clips. I’ve grouped them together because the sounds I hear seem similar to each other. Keep in mind that there was no one in the doll room or on the 2nd floor when DVR 2 was recording.

Clip 3: In the background of this clip, you’ll hear the low droning sound of the heater. Listen for the sounds just above this droning. I hear several clicks and several thumps.

Clip 4: More unknown sounds.

Clip 5: This time, it sounds like footsteps.

Clip 6: In the background, you’ll hear a car engine in the distance. And more odd sounds.

Clip 7: It sounds like someone whistles once and then, near the end of the clip, a second time.

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