Private Investigation (1/24/15): The Dining Room

Clip 1: You’ll hear 2 members of our group talk about the Ghost Radar app for Android phones. Lisa says, “This is the one I have, the classic [version].” The other woman says, “Does it say it’s free?”

This is followed by a male voice. Remember: There were no men (well, human ones) present on this investigation as part of the team or docents. Can you make out what the voice says?

Clip 2: Someone says, “She came back?” Laura J replies, “She changed her mind. She didn’t like the feeling in there,” followed by the other woman saying, “Oh.” At the 3 second mark, I can hear a disembodied voice say something like, “Quick–put it back.” The rustling noise is from me moving my DVR.

Clip 3: This is not a clip of a possible EVP. Instead, it’s a recording of a loud noise we all heard when we were in the Dining Room.

You’ll hear me say, “We’re having a hard time communicating with you [spirits] down here in the dining room. Can you say something loudly for us to hear you?” Right after I finish, you’ll hear a rattling or knocking sound.

This sound was not made by any of the humans who were present. I asked the docents if they were familiar with the sound and they said that they’d never heard it before. I’ve investigated this house a total of 4 times and I’ve never heard the sound. Was the sound a response to my question? It certainly wasn’t an earthquake. Very strange!

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