Private Investigation (1/24/15): The Doll Room

These were recorded in the “doll room” on the 2nd floor. This room tends to have a good amount of activity in it. It’s set up as a child’s room and there are a number of dolls in it. Hence, the nickname of the “doll room.”

Clip 1: This clip has 2 possible EVPs. You’ll hear one of us say, “Where’s the ball?” followed by a cough. (Laura J brought a small red ball for the spirits to play with and had just set it out on the floor.)

A disembodied male voice says, “I have the ball.”

Next, you’ll hear a squeaking noise (made by one of us) and Laura J say, “I’ll put it out on the desk by the thermal pad.” Immediately, another disembodied voice says, “OK.”

Clip 2: Laura J has her dowsing rods out and asks, “Where’s Ann?” There is the sound of a female sighing (not one of us, I’m pretty sure) followed by what sounds like a male disembodied voice say, “No.”

Clip 3: This one is interesting. Laura J asks, “Is [the spirit of] Uncle Bert here?” At the 2 second mark, a disembodied voice says what sounds like, “Say off.”

Next, you’ll hear one of us moving and Laura J say, “You have it” before she’s interrupted by the Ovilus which says, “rabbit.” Laura J then says, “Yeah” and one of us says, “No.”

Listen for the moment between the “yeah” and “no.” I can hear another disembodied male voice say, “That’s Robert.” Bert, short for Robert? Perhaps Uncle Bert was with us!

Clip 4: We’ve just finished a quick EVP session. Laura J tells the spirits to “sit close by” if they want to hear their voices when she plays her recording of the session. Immediately a male voice says, “It’s over.” Is he referring to the fact that the EVP session is over?

Clip 5: This one is pretty clear and loud. Laura J is checking to make sure all of our cell phones are off to make sure it’s not one of us who’s setting off the K2 meter. She says, “Everybody’s phones are off, right?” A disembodied male voice seemingly responds to her question. Can you make out what the voice says?

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