Month: March 2015

Sonoma, California (2/12/15): Driving to the Vallejo Home Site

On February 12th, I spent the afternoon touring the Sonoma State Historic Park located in the city of Sonoma, California. Several different buildings make up the Park, including the Mission San Francisco Solano, the Blue Wing Inn, and the Sonoma Barracks. The Park has historical significance as the site of the last mission built in California and for the last reign by the Mexican government before the Bear Flag Revolt, which led to California becoming part of the United States. Sonoma Read more [...]

Pardee (3/7/15): More Pre-Investigation

These clips were also recorded during the set-up time at the Pardee. Clip 1: There's a lot going on in this clip. You'll hear laughter at the beginning and Laura J who says, "Oh, well." As she continues talking, a male voice can be clearly heard saying a one syllable word over her voice. There was one man in the group that night, Mike, and this is not his voice. Next, Laura J says, "A couple of other passengers and they were like...." There's another disembodied voice that whispers Read more [...]

Pardee (3/7/15): Pre-investigation

I was fortunate to return to the Pardee Home Museum on 3/7/15. These clips were recorded during the pre-investigation time, as we prepared for the investigation in the office room in the Home. Clip 1: This one may be difficult to hear. As always, I suggest using headphones/ear buds. In this clip, you'll hear me ask Laura J if she had to work that day. Then, her phone rings and Laura J says, "Hello?" Before she says, "Hello, Karen," a disembodied voice says either "Get comfortable" or "Here Read more [...]