Pardee (3/7/15): More Pre-Investigation

These clips were also recorded during the set-up time at the Pardee.

Clip 1: There’s a lot going on in this clip. You’ll hear laughter at the beginning and Laura J who says, “Oh, well.” As she continues talking, a male voice can be clearly heard saying a one syllable word over her voice. There was one man in the group that night, Mike, and this is not his voice.

Next, Laura J says, “A couple of other passengers and they were like….” There’s another disembodied voice that whispers what sounds like, “Get off.” Chris says, “Like weirdo!” Before Chris finishes, another voice can be heard saying something; it’s not clear to me what’s being said but it’s clear that yet another disembodied voice has spoken.

This is followed by our laughter. Just before Laura J says, “Lady….” a female voice can be heard faintly saying, “No.” As Laura J says, “Lady,” another female voice can be heard saying what sounds like, “Yes.” Note: It’s possible one of the human females sitting at the table could’ve been the source of the last 2 utterances. But they certainly weren’t the sources of the first 2 male disembodied voices.

Also note how the 2 male disembodied voices sound different from the way the human voices sound. To me, it sounds like these voices were somehow super-imposed over the conversation the humans were having at the time or over the actual recording.

Clip 2: Laura J has just given Mike a walkie-talkie to use during the investigation. She says, “[The walkie-talkie] only sets the equipment off when you actually,” and she pauses.

A disembodied male voice can be heard during the pause. It sounds pretty clear to me; can you make out what’s being said? Then, Laura J finishes by saying, “Push, push the button to talk.”

This is a great example of disembodied voices saying something a human is just about to say. The disembodied male voice does not belong to Mike.

Clip 3: In this clip, Laura J says, “So,” followed by a short pause. She continues on by saying, “We’ve got the basic history.” A disembodied male voice can be heard in the pause saying, “Alright.”

Clip 4: The group is moving outside to get to our first location of the investigation. One group is headed to the Basement and my group is headed to the Carriage House.

Laura J leads the other group to the Basement and gets them set up. I am standing in the yard, waiting for Laura to lead our group into the Carriage House. The only sound that can be heard is the freeway and street traffic going by.

Suddenly, a voice says my name.

There’s 2 odd things about this clip.

Just before this possible EVP, I noted quietly for my recorder that I thought I’d just heard someone say my name. However, my recorder didn’t catch anything at the time. Weird thing #1: 42 seconds later, my recorder captures a woman calling out my name–but I didn’t hear this at the time of the recording!

Weird thing #2: The voice sounds just like that of Chris, who was in the other group. I know it’s not Chris, though. If she was trying to get my attention, she would have repeated my name when she realized I didn’t hear her. But there’s just a single “Ann” recorded. It’s also not like Chris to shout out like this. I asked Chris if she recalled saying my name on her way to the basement and she says she didn’t.

So the disembodied voice sounds just like Chris. But it’s not Chris. Then whose voice was it? I’ve noticed a few times in the past when disembodied and spirit voices can mimic the voice of people we know. This might have been one of those times.

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