Sonoma, California (2/12/15): Driving to the Vallejo Home Site

On February 12th, I spent the afternoon touring the Sonoma State Historic Park located in the city of Sonoma, California.

Several different buildings make up the Park, including the Mission San Francisco Solano, the Blue Wing Inn, and the Sonoma Barracks. The Park has historical significance as the site of the last mission built in California and for the last reign by the Mexican government before the Bear Flag Revolt, which led to California becoming part of the United States.

Sonoma also has a well-known reputation for being very haunted. So it was time to check out the city and learn some early California history.

While I toured most of the open buildings and recorded my time, I recorded only 1 possible EVP.

Clip 1: At the time of the recording, I was sitting outside the Mission. You’ll hear chimes because I turned my camera on. Softly, in the background, you’ll hear a woman speaking Spanish; these were other tourists who were leaving the Mission. I was not talking and I was by myself. You’ll hear a male voice say something. Can you make it out?

As part of my tour, I made the short drive from the city square to General Vallejo’s home. I also recorded while driving and, upon listening later, found a number of possible EVPs. I did not have the radio on, I was the only one in the car, and I wasn’t talking to myself. Still, I recorded a number of different things said by disembodied voices. The rumbling you hear in the background is the sound of my car engine.

Clip 2: At the 5 second mark, I hear a female voice say something like, “Me and Madam Adam.” This is followed by the sound of me unzipping one of the pockets of my backpack and trying to find something. At the 14 second mark, after you hear the zipper being closed, I hear another voice say, “Hey, ma’am.”

Clip 3: At the 4 second mark, a female voice says, “I’m going to call them out.” At the 8 second mark, the voice says more but I can’t make out what is being said. I can hear a “mommy.” Can you make out what’s being said?

clip 4: In this clip, I can hear a voice say, “No one’s home.” This is interesting because I was on my way to tour the site of General Vallejo’s home. Since it’s now a historic site, no one lives there any more–thus, no one’s home.

Clip 5: I can hear a voice saying, “Who do I know back there?”

Clip 6: In this clip, I can hear a voice say, “Yeah, I feel there’s someone else.”

It’s not clear to me why I have so many disembodied voices speaking on the 5 minute drive. I didn’t think I’d record anything and just left my recorder on because I was too tired to turn it off. I am curious to see if I hear more disembodied voices while driving. I am now recording my drives to visit new sites to investigate and will see if I find more possible EVPs.

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