USS Potomac (3/29/15): From Oly 1, Part 1

On 3/29/15, I took the one hour tour of the historic USS Potomac. The Potomac was the yacht used by Franklin Delano Roosevelt when he was the US President. The Potomac is now housed at Jack London Square in Oakland, California. The yacht itself is not very large but, on the day I went, it appeared to be very active with spirits who wanted to talk to the living.

These clips were recorded on my Olympus 1 DVR.

Clip 1: Before the tour, my group decided to get something to eat. We were looking at a map of the area, telling us what was nearby. You’ll hear Mike in the background, naming some of the nearby restaurants. Suddenly, an odd sounding voice says something. The voice does not belong to any of the 4 of us who were looking at the map and no on walked by us. Can you make out what the voice is saying?

Clip 2: Here are some more odd sounds. Laura J and I were standing in front of the Potomac’s office, waiting for Chris and Mike to show up. You’ll hear us talking softly about how much it costs to park in the parking garage across the street. There are several mechanical-like sounds and a woman’s voice who says, “How’ve you been?”

Clip 3: This is a low sounding one. At the beginning of the clip, you’ll hear the sound of wind moving across the DVR’s microphone. At the 4 second mark, a female voice can be heard saying what sounds like, “Isn’t it.” You’ll then hear me tell the others that I can hear non-human voices whispering right behind me.

Clip 4: The docent tells the tour group, “Go ahead and step into the Radio Room. And….” At the 4 second mark, I can hear a voice welcoming us.

Clip 5: In the background, you’ll hear part of a speech that Roosevelt gave while on the Potomac. You’ll hear me say, “I’m here,” followed by a quick acknowledgment by Chris. Then, I hear a male voice whisper at the 3 second mark, “Mike hear it, too.” Mike is the name of one of my friends who went on the tour with me and was listening to the speech.

Clip 6: The tour group is in the Presidential Salon. You’ll hear several voices talking in the background. Listen for the voice at the 2 second mark. Can you make out what’s being said?

Clip 7: You’ll hear me say, “…and sail around the bay?” This is followed by a disembodied male voice that says, “Hey.” I think this is from one of the spirits on the ship that were trying to get our attention.

Clip 8: In this clip, the docent says, “OK, no.” This is followed by an odd-sounding female voice that also says, “No.” Next, you’ll hear a squeak made by a human opening something. A disembodied male voice then says, “Hey, when we’re done.” You’ll then hear the docent say, “We’ll be done [with this location] in a few minutes.”

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