USS Potomac (3/29/15): From Oly 1, Part 2

The top part of the Potomac had a few spirits hanging out (see clips in Part 1). But that wasn’t anything compared to the activity that happened when we all went below deck, to the guest sleeping quarters and crew’s quarters. On a few occasions, Laura J and I could clearly hear disembodied voices saying things to us.

Clip 1: We were in the crew’s quarters. At the beginning of the clip, you’ll hear me, Chris, and Laura J talking. At the 5 second mark, a whispery male voice says what sounds like, “Wow. Listen.” Next, you’ll hear Laura J ask if any one of us said something. She then says she heard her name being called out. The voice was loud enough that several of us heard it. Then, listen for the growl at the 13 second mark; I wonder who/what made that sound!

Clip 2: Chris is noting how close the crew’s bunks were to each other. She says, “This would really be claustrophobic, right here on the bottom [bunk].” Mike replies to Chris. Listen just before Mike speaks. At the 3 second mark, I hear a disembodied male voice say, “Yes.” Apparently, Laura J and I heard the voice at the time of the recording, because you’ll next hear me ask if Mike whispered something before speaking out loud.

Clip 3: We’re commenting on how much nicer the women’s restroom is compared to the men’s. Laura J says, “It’s the women’s room.” A disembodied male voice says, “That’s right.”

Clip 4. Mike had just whispered and I tagged it for my recorder. Right after I finish speaking, a disembodied male voice says something like, “Grab down here.”

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  1. mike

    The growling at the 13 sec mark is me….I was repeating what I heard….the other part of the clip is not