USS Potomac (3/29/15): From Oly 2, Part 3

I gave Laura J my Olympus 2 DVR to record with since she’d left her recorder in the car. These are the possible EVP clips that I found while listening to the recording from that recorder.

Clip 1: We are in the Wheel House. The docent is explaining something and says, “That’s what those things are for.” A male voice that’s possibly disembodied can heard saying, “You know, whatever,” as the docent goes on to say, “…it’s to neutralize….”

Clip 2: Can you make out what the voice says, right after the docent comments, “And…”?

Clip 3: The docent says, “You’ve got all this iron, which is going to interfere with the….” You’ll hear a metallic “ka-ching” sound that was made by one of us. Then, you’ll hear a female say, in a slightly accented voice, “Hello.” I think this is a disembodied voice speaking and not one of the women who were in my tour group. If it is, then this is another example of how the spirits wanting to talk with us.

It’s interesting to note that these 3 clips were recorded on my other Olympus DVR, being held by Laura J. I was recording with the Olympus 1 at the same time in the same spot. However, I didn’t pick up any of these 3 possible EVPs when listening to the recording from DVR 1. It’s only on DVR 2 that I can hear these things.

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