USS Potomac (3/29/15): Wrap-Up

This was my first visit to the USS Potomac. I met up with friends to see if we could catch anything on a regular public tour. Jeff Dwyer, noted local paranormal investigator and writer, reports the yacht is haunted by ghosts of the Roosevelt era, when Franklin Delano Roosevelt used the Potomac as the Presidential Yacht. Laura J had also heard the same thing from other sources. So it was time to check it out!

Based on what I found in my recordings, I have to say that there are definitely spirits on board the ship and they are eager to talk to the living. While in the Wheel House, I could hear whispering voices in back of me; interestingly, I was standing next to the yacht’s old phone that was used to talk to the rest of the yacht. Was I hearing past conversations of crew who once served on the yacht?

Also, while in the Presidential Salon, I could hear more whispered voices speaking but couldn’t make out what they were saying. It seemed to be talking by the staff who once served on board the Potomac when she was in use. They were setting up and getting the Salon ready for something.

The most active location on the yacht that day was definitely below deck, in the crew’s quarters. We were down there for less than 15 minutes but I captured 2 EVPs that were loud enough that Laura J and I clearly heard them with our ears. It felt like the spirits were yelling to get our attention.

The women’s restroom also seemed very active.

We experienced enough on the Potomac that Sunday afternoon to warrant a return trip. I’ll return with my friends midweek in May to properly investigate without others on board. I can’t wait to see what we find then!

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