Jeff Dwyer Talk (2/12/15), Sonoma, CA

I was in Sonoma to check out the Sonoma State Historical Park and to listen to a talk being given by Jeff Dwyer. According to his website, Jeff considers himself a paranormal investigator, writer, researcher, and psychic.

He is well known among west coast ghost hunters for his books that collect ghost stories of California, Oregon, and Washington. What makes Jeff even more interesting is his day job: He is a clinical specialist in cardiology; in other words, a heart doctor.

I appreciate the scientific/clinical perspective that he brings to his study of the paranormal.

I decided to attend his talk even though Sonoma is easily a 45-minute drive from where I live. For some reason, I thought he’d be talking about the ghosts and paranormal occurrences in Sonoma and the surrounding Wine Country. (Sonoma has a local reputation of being very, very haunted.) Unfortunately for me, his talk was more general, about his approach to investigating the paranormal and some of his experiences.

I recorded Jeff’s talk because I figured this was a great time for EVPs and we were in the chapel of the old Mission San Francisco Solano. Even though the chapel is now empty save for the decorations on the walls and the bare altar, the place feels full. And there’s a patron of the Mission who is buried underneath the chapel floor. Sounds like a great place to find EVPs!

Clip 1: I captured a possible EVP even before Jeff spoke. The man introducing Jeff is talking about the person who’ll be giving a talk. “Next month it’ll be, uhm….” In this pause, I can hear what sounds like a child’s breathy voice say, “I can see the (people),” as if in reference to seeing us in the chapel. The man then goes on to say, “Dr. Peter Myerhoff who’ll be speaking on….”

It’s not clear to me that the disembodied voice says “people,” since this word overlaps with the man identifying next month’s speaker. The child’s voice is not coming from the audience. There was one young person there but he wasn’t talking at that moment and there were no other children in the chapel.

Clip 2: In this clip, you’ll hear Jeff say, “Tomorrow morning you’ll hear me on KFOG radio in San Francisco….” His voice is slightly amplified as he was using a microphone. There is a pause before he continues, saying, “It may look….”

In the pause, I can clearly hear a male voice say two words. Can you make out what this voice is saying?

Clip 3: This one should also be pretty clear. Jeff says, “…on ghosts and I’ll talk about that place a bit later on.” Just as Jeff finishes saying this, a male voice clearly says something. Can you make it out?

Clip 4: Jeff says, “That’s what they wore, asbestos suits.” Then a disembodied voice says, “In that round room.” I’ve amplified that part of the clip so hopefully you’ll be able to hear that voice.

Clip 5: Jeff says, “…very tall, very bright.” He pauses halfway through this and in that pause, I can hear a voice say, “Ann” (my first name).

Clip 6: In this clip, Jeff says, “…pick up an imprint….” He pauses. In the pause, I can hear a slightly echo-y male voice say, “Hello,” before Jeff continues talking.

Clip 7: This is a very interesting clip. You’ll hear Jeff say, “No, I’m not quite sure what they do. Certainly they can’t….” Jeff pauses. In the pause, I can hear the word, “Ohm,” followed by a prolonged musical note. There’s a spiritual quality to the “ohm” and the note. I wonder if a portal of some kind had just opened up in the chapel?

Clip 8: This was recorded during the question and answer session at the end of Jeff’s talk. You’ll hear someone in the audience ask something. Jeff begins his reply with, “Uhm….” As Jeff finishes saying this, I can hear a male voice whisper, “Hey, now!” There’s also what sounds like a musical note. Note: There was no music being played at the talk and there were no musical instruments in the chapel.

All in all, I enjoyed Jeff’s talk and also recorded some possible EVPs.

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