Private Investigation (2/13/15), Pleasanton, CA: Part 1

On Friday, February 13th, I had the chance to participate in an investigation of a private location in Pleasanton. While I can’t tell you the name of the location or exactly where it’s located, I can say that it is a public place where people gather. These are some of the possible EVPs that I caught while the group was setting up prior to the investigation starting.

Clip 1: In this clip, you can hear Laura J in the background saying, “Uhm…” followed by a pause, before she continues on with, “…if you guys….” Listen for the other voice in the pause. I can hear a male voice say, “Rethink this now.” I wonder if that was a spirit cautioning us not to go through with our investigation of this location.

Clip 2: You’ll hear Laura J say, “And it says…” In the pause, I can hear a voice whisper what sounds like, “Help, Ann” (my first name).

Clip 3: You’ll hear someone clear their throat, followed by the sound of me fiddling with my DVR. Right after the throat clearing, I can faintly hear a voice say, “We don’t want to feel her.” (Good! As one of the women in the group that night, I was just fine with the spirits not touching me!)

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