Private Investigation (2/15/15), Pleasanton, CA: In the Front Area

These clips were all recorded in the front area of the location. Unfortunately, there were several machines operating in this area and they could not be turned off for our investigation. Hopefully you’ll be able to hear these possible EVPs.

Clip 1: This was recorded during a moment of silence. Well, silence by the humans, as you can hear the buzz of the machines in the background. I can hear a woman (not one of us) say, “They split up.” The voice is not talking about us, as we all stayed together in this area.

Clip 2: This is a good one. You’ll hear Laura J say our opening prayer before the investigation starts. She says, “On all four sides by the light, the love, and the power of God and no darkness shall cross these boundaries.” She pauses before she says, “Thank you.” Listen in the pause and right before she speaks. I can hear a disembodied voice say, “Thank you,” perhaps in appreciation of her prayer.

Clip 3: No one human is talking but in the background I can hear a throat-y male say, “Wake up.”

Clip 4: This is a recording of the Echovox session we did in this area. The sound of the machines is loud, so try to hear the voices behind the droning sound. At the 5 second mark, I hear a female voice say what sounds like, “Cashew dear guy.” This was not coming from the Echovox app, as no one in the group identified it at the time. (Ignore all the other voices that sound like the TV was on–it wasn’t, that’s just the way the Echovox app works.) What do you hear?

Clip 5: Someone in the group had tummy problems earlier in the night and he wanted to know if the spirits had noticed. You’ll hear him ask, “Did you notice that I blew up the bathroom earlier this evening?” I can hear a male disembodied voice say, “Yeeessssss” in a drawn out way.

It’s hard to say for sure that these are EVPs of spirits talking. This place is located on a main street and there were some people who walked by when we were in the front area. Also, the constant drone of the machines in the background offers either white noise for the spirits to use to speak to us or a mess of sound that makes pareidolia easier to hear.

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