Private Investigation (2/13/15), Pleasanton, CA: In the Back Area (Part 1)

After we spent time in the front area of this location, the group moved to the back area. These clips were recorded in the back area. There was some equipment in a side room that was on, so you’ll hear that sound in the background of these clips.

Clip 1: You’ll hear Mike ask, “What’s your favorite thing on the menu?” I can hear a female voice (not one of the 3 women who were present) say what sounds like, “Come in here.” I’ve amplified the portion of the clip where you can hear her voice.

Clip 2: This is from a moment of silence during the replay of the quick EVP session we’ve just conducted.

When I first found this EVP, I thought it sounded like a male saying, “Mike.” (Mike was one of the people investigating and the spirits seem to like to say his name a lot.)

Now that I hear it again, I can hear what sounds like, “Downtown Mike here.” We were near the downtown area of Pleasanton and I can see how someone who hung out at this location might have had the nickname, “Downtown Mike.” What do you think?

Clip 3: Chris asks the spirits, “Are you ever lonely here late at night by yourself?” I can hear a “yes” and a “yeah” in response.

Clip 4: Laura asks the spirits to name the President on a poster hanging on the wall behind her. I can hear a faint, echo-y “Abraham,” followed by another voice that sounds like it’s saying “Lincoln.” Of the 2 EVPs, you’re more likely to hear the “Lincoln” because it’s a little louder and the voice more forceful. And, of course, the President on the poster is Abraham Lincoln.

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