Private Investigation (2/13/15), Pleasanton, CA: In the Back Area (Part 2)

More EVPs recorded in the back area of this location.

Clip 1: This one is pretty clear even though it’s my recording of a replay of a quick EVP session. (A long way of saying it’s a 2nd generation recording.) Mike asks, “Who’s your favorite living person in this room?” A female voice replies. Can you make out what she’s saying?

I wonder who she was referring to?

Clip 2: Mike asks, “Do all the employees wash their hands when they use the restroom?” A male voice replies, “No.”

Clip 3: This is a 2nd generation recording. You’ll hear me ask who’s on “the sign in back of me.” Although I can’t make out what’s being said, I can hear an echo-y voice. Because I can’t make out the words, I can’t tell if this is an intelligent response to my question or something residual for this location.

Clip 4: This is a 2nd generation recording. I ask, “Should we stay at The Rose Hotel?” At the 8 second mark, a male voice says, “No.”

Clip 5: This was recorded during a moment of silence. I can hear a male voice ask us, “Where’s my mom?”

I wish I’d heard this while we were still at the location. I would’ve tried to help out this man looking for his mom. If I return to this location, I’ll ask about him and if he’s still looking.

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