Private Investigation (2/13/15), Pleasanton, CA: In the Basement (Part 2)

More recordings from the basement.

Clip 1: This is a 2nd generation recording. You’ll hear Laura J ask what the underground tunnels were used for. At the 8 second mark, I can what sounds like, “Thank you.” Note that prior to the 8 seconds, I can also hear other voices talking but can’t make out what they’re saying.

Clip 2: You’ll hear Mike ask, “Do employees do naughty things down in this basement?” At the 6 second mark, I can hear a male voice quickly say what sounds like, “Penis.” It sounds like this voice is right on top of my recorder. This is followed with an echo-y “Of course not” at the 8 second mark, right before the ice machine goes off.

Clip 3: Mike asks, “Has anyone died in this room?” At the 5 second mark, I can hear a male disembodied voice ask, “Can we work here?”

Clip 4: Mike asks, “Did any bad things happen in this basement?” At the 3 second mark, I can hear a male voice faintly yell, “Let’s go!”


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