Train Depot (3/20/15): Photo of Bug/Orb?

These photos were taken in the middle room of the depot. This is the first photo I took in the series.

sl depot 3_20_15 before bright orb

This is the photo with the bug/org.

sl depot 3_20_15 bright orb baggage area

And this is the photo I took right after the one with the bug/orb.

sl depot 3_20_15 after orb

A possible explanation for the orb in the middle photo is that it’s a bug. While we were investigating, there was a large moth flying about in the middle room. The “orb” is pretty big and has almost an iridescent sheen to it. Moths, like butterflies, have what looks like a powder on their wings; these are actually small scales.

Science World explains that these scales “contribute to the pattern on the wings by diffracting light through a complex microscopic structure of ribs and holes.”

During the day, we see these patterns as the colors and striations on the moth’s wings. It seems possible that these same scales, in the light of a camera flash, could also refract light shone on them in the right conditions.

What do you think? Do you have photos that show an “orb” that’s big and iridescent?

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  1. Bonnie Waldron

    Hi Anne! What a great picture! While I totally understand the explanation about the “bug”, I’m leaning towards the fact that it’s an “orb”. I blew up the pic as much as I could, and I swear I see a face in it. You can see the eyes, nose, & even a little bit of hair coming down on the forhead!