Train Depot (3/20/15): “And Let Me Repeat….”

All of these clips were recorded in the front office at the end of the investigation.

Clip 1: You hear me ask, “So, for this trip, what is your final destination?” You’ll hear the sound of the clock in the office ticking in the background and, at the 5 second mark, a voice that says, “I know.” I’ve amplified this part of the clip.

On first listen, you will focus on the ticking sound. Continue listening to the clip to let yourself become accustomed to the rhythm of the clock; when you’ve done that, then listen for the sounds that fall outside the rhythmic ticking. This will be the disembodied voice.

Clip 2: Quentin asks, “How often did you travel from this station?” Again, listen to the sound that is not part of the rhythmic ticking of the clock. I can hear a voice again say, “I know.”

Clip 3: Pam asks, “Did you used to travel coach or first class?” At the 4 second mark, I can hear a voice faintly say what sounds like, “Ice cold.” The same words are repeated at the 9 second mark but they are much louder than the first time.

I wonder why these disembodied voices felt the need to repeat themselves?

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