Train Depot (3/20/15): Before the Investigation Started

These clips were recorded during the set-up period before the investigation started. The group was in the front office, which is where the docents stayed during our investigation.

Clip 1: In this clip, you’ll hear Laura J in the background reporting that she smells something. She is trying to determine if it is a phantom scent that could be associated with the depot. At 5 seconds, I can hear a male voice say, “Yep,” perhaps in response to Laura J reporting a possible phantom scent.

You’ll next hear the sounds of our walking and a little bit of human talking. Then, at the 10 second mark, I can clearly hear another male voice that says what sounds like, “Let’s go look at it.”

Clip 2: We are on the walkthrough of the depot. At the 2 second mark of the clip, I can hear a male voice that says, “Home is the destination.” I think this is a disembodied voice; does someone from that night want to confirm this for me? It is possible that one of the men (either Quentin or the male docent) might have been saying something about the “investigation.”

Clip 3: You’ll hear me say the word “tingled,” as I report how the area above my shoulders suddently felt “tingle-ly” as we walked through the back work room on the 1st floor. I can hear a disembodied male voice (with a bit of a drawl) say, “Is that right?”

Clip 4: In this clip, you’ll hear two women talking. At the 2 second mark, a male disembodied voice can be clearly heard. Can you make out what it’s saying?

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