Train Depot (3/20/15): “Knock, knock.” “Who’s There?”

When we were in the loft, Pam asked the spirits to complete her knock, “Shave and A Haircut.”

Right after she finishes, we hear 4 knocks in a row come from somewhere around us. I included the part where you can hear our responses as we try to figure out the source of the knock.

While it wasn’t the end to “Shave and A Haircut,” we were pretty excited that someone/something knocked back.

Also, at the end of this clip, around the 24 second mark, a voice can be heard saying, “Awesome.” It’s possible that one of the humans may have said that.

I left my Olympus 2 DVR recording all night in the crawl space, which was accessible from the loft.

Normally when I do this, I don’t capture any unusual sounds or voices.

This time, however, I caught a knocking/series of clicking sounds that weren’t associated with what was recorded in Clip 1.

In fact, the clip below was recorded well after the moment when Pam knocked out “Shave and A Haircut.”

We were at the end of our time in the loft and gathering up our things in preparation for moving on to our next location in the depot. You’ll hear me, on the other side of the doorway, talk about how I never get anything when I leave a DVR in one place for an entire investigation.

Then, at the 2 second mark, I can hear a series of knocks or clicks that sounds just like “Shave and A Haircut”!

The humans did not hear these knocks/clicks.

I left my Olympus 2 DVR recording in the crawl space for 3 hours. At different times, I can hear that same knock/click sound. But this was the only time in those 3 hours when the knocks/clicks were rhythmic and sequential. I guess the spirits were waiting for us to complete their knock/series of clicks!

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