Train Depot (3/20/15): The Good, the Bad and the…..

These clips were all recorded in the middle room on the 1st floor of the depot.

First, the good. Marcy asks the spirits if they think we’re stupid for sitting around in the dark, trying to communicate with them. A voice comes through on the SB7. Can you make out what’s said?

At least this spirit was polite about it.

Now for the bad. These spirits were far less polite than our “yes, ma’m” spirit. These clips were recorded during 4 minutes of silence, when the humans kept silent so the spirits could say whatever they wanted/needed to say to us.

Clip 1: This clip has been amplified so you can better hear the disembodied voice at the 2 second mark. It is a 2nd generation recording. Can you make out what the disembodied voice has to say to us?

Clip 2: This is also a 2nd generation recording that was recorded during the same 4 minutes of silence. Can you make out what’s said?

Really? You have 4 minutes of silence and that’s what you choose to say? The nerve!

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