Train Depot (3/20/15): The Loft (Part 1)

The group started the night off in the loft, which is the top floor of the depot. It’s not very big and is used mostly by the people who operate the model trains on the main floor. There is a crawl space that is accessible from the loft but people aren’t allowed in there. These recordings are from the loft.

Clip 1: We were looking in the crawl space and taking photos. Laura J warns Quentin, “Watch your head.” Someone says “Go ahead. Check that stuff out.” It’s possible that this was said by Quentin since it’s so clear and loud. Anyone on the investigation that night want to confirm?

Clip 2: Laura J says, “Alright. We have flashlights lined up all over [in the loft area].” A disembodied voice says what sounds like “Slow down.” This is followed by another disembodied voice that says the name, “Christopher.” There were no humans in the group that night named Christopher. I slowed down this part of the clip so you can more clearly hear the words spoken.

I did have a friend named Christopher who passed away December 2012. I often wonder if he goes on investigations with me. I wonder if this is the same Christopher?

Clip 3: This is a 2nd generation recording. Quentin asks, “Did you used to live in a house here [before the depot was moved to its current location]?” At the 3 second mark, a voice can be heard faintly saying, “No.”

Clip 4: Laura J asks, “Can you tell us what was on this location, prior to the train depot?” At the 10 second mark, I can a female faintly say, “Yes, I can.” I’ve amplified this part of the clip.

Clip 5: This is a 2nd generation recording. Marcy introduces herself, saying, “My name is Marcy. May I please have your name? The Ghost Rada app says the word “Express.” Then, at the 6 second mark, a disembodied male voice says, “Hello.”

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