Train Depot (3/20/15): The Room that Made Us All Feel Sick

From the loft, the group went downstairs to the main level. On this level, at the back of the depot building, there is a work area set up for the people who run their model trains on the inside track. Something(s) in that area made all of the women feel sick in one way or another. During the walkthrough, both Laura J and I felt sick when we walked through this area.

Now, as we investigated this area, several of us felt weird/sick/dizzy. At one point, I had a pain in the middle of my chest and I immediately thought that someone associated with the depot and/or the model trains had had a heart attack in this area.

We didn’t stay long in this area, as someone noticed that this area contained some of the old paint that probably contained lead. Maybe that was what was making us feel sick.

This was also the area where Laura J and Quentin both reported hearing footsteps from the loft that we’d just vacated. At one point, Laura J said she could feel something on her face although there wasn’t anything there–at least anything that humans can see.

I did capture some EVPs from this area.

Clip 1: In this clip, you’ll hear the group comment on a trap door that Laura J has just found. During the walkthrough, the docents did not point out the trap door or show us where it led to.

At the 10 second mark, you’ll hear Quentin say, “If you knock on it [the trap door], it’s hollow.” A disembodied voice responds to him at the 14 second mark. Can you make out what this voice is saying? I’ve slowed this response down so you can better hear the words.

Clip 2: In this 2nd generation recording, Laura J asks, “Can you tell me what year this addition was added onto the building?” At the 13 second mark, a disembodied voice says something like, “Do it somewhere.”

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