Train Depot (3/20/15): From Inside the Crawl Space

These clips were recorded on Olympus 2, my other DVR. I’d placed this DVR in the crawl space when we started the investigation in the attic. I left it there as we moved on to other areas of the depot. A total of approximately 3 hours of time was recorded. These are highlights of the sounds heard in the crawl space during these 3 hours. It should be noted that people were not allowed inside the crawl space, although we could set up equipment (like DVRs) in it.

Clip 1: Laura J has just opened the door to the crawl space. (Access is via the loft.) You’ll hear Marcy softly say, “Get your thermal [thermal imaging app on his phone] up there, Quentin.” A male voice that does not belong to Quentin can be heard saying either “You know her” or “Whatever,” depending on where you put the emphasis. Quentin was the only man in the group up in the loft.

Clip 2: The sound of 3 knocks in a row can be heard.

At the time of this recording, the group was on the 1st floor in the back work area which is near the loft area. The knocking was not made by any of the humans downstairs.

Clip 3: Possible footsteps from inside the crawl space.

Clip 4: Definitely sounds like footsteps this time.

Clip 5: And more footsteps.

The sound of footsteps on the roof or in the loft (when no one is up there) have been reported by other groups that have investigated this location. While we were elsewhere in the depot, there were several instances when we heard footsteps coming from the loft. Were these possibly the footsteps we were hearing down on the main floor?

Clip 6: The one disembodied voice I caught in the crawl space. On first listen, you’ll hear Laura J, on the main floor below the crawl space and loft, say “Can you tell me what year….” At the 3 second mark, a male disembodied voice within the crawl space can be heard saying something clearly. Can you make it out?

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