Train Depot (3/20/15): Miscellaneous Inside Locations

This is a hodge-podge of clips recorded from different parts of the depot.

Clip 1: During the investigation, the group took a quick break in the front office. You’ll hear Laura J say, “What’s with that flashlight outside? Oh, it’s a car light.”

As Laura finishes talking, listen for the whispered male voice. I can’t make out what it’s saying and it doesn’t sound like either the male docent or Quentin, the only 2 men on site that night. Can you make out what this voice is saying?

Clip 2: This is a 2nd generation recording from the front office. Laura J asks, “Can you tell me what was on this location before the train depot was moved here?” At the end of the clip, a male disembodied voice can be heard. I’ve amplified this part of the clip. Listen for the male voice at the 12 second mark.

Upon first listen, you’ll hear only the ticking of the clock on the wall. Remember that this part of the clip has been amplified, so the ticking sound is very loud. Relisten to this part of the clip until you are used to the rhythm of the ticking clock. When you’re used to that, then listen for the voice that falls outside of this rhythmic ticking; that will be the disembodied male voice.

Can you make out what this disembodied voice is saying?

I can also hear other things/sounds/voices before the 12 second mark but can’t make out what the sounds are or what the words are.

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