Shinn House (8/8/14): In the Basement

The basement was a very active location.

Most of the spirit activity came in the form of being touched and that odd sensation of feeling cobwebs on us. Only the women reported being touched–and it wasn’t by anyone human. I was touched several times, including something that tugged on the sleeve of my shirt. Pam and I both felt someone breathe on us several times while in the basement.

There was also a “tingly” spot in one of the basement corners. Several of us felt this spot to be energized, causing some to feel a tingling sensation. I wondered if this was a portal or vortex.

It got so bad for me in the basement that I started freaking out. This is a very unusual reaction for me and, in all of investigations I did in 2014, it was the only time I freaked out. Needless to say, the basement was very intense. I return to investigate the Shinn house on 5/30/15, so it’ll be interesting to see if the basement’s still intense.

I was also able to find a few EVPs while we were in the basement.

Clip 1: Chris is asking if there’s any spirits in the basement who want to communicate with us. There are 2 different EVPs that respond to Chris. The first one is at the 2 second mark; a voice whispers, “Could be.” At the 3 second mark, a different disembodied voice says, “No.” I’ve amplified this part of the clip so hopefully you can hear these EVPs.

Clip 2: Pam is talking about the cobwebs that she’s feeling on her. At the 3 second mark, a male voice can clearly be heard. The voice does not belong to Jim, who was the only male in my group that night. Can you make out what is being said?

Clip 3: In the background you can hear the sound of the SB7 spirit box. Someone says, “That was Pam.” Someone else says, “Oh, yeah.” This is followed by a loud disembodied voice that says what sounds like “Pam.” This voice is not coming from the SB7. It’s also not Jim, because as this voice says “Pam,” you can hear Jim start to say something.

Clip 4: We were in the middle of a quick EVP session. I was letting the spirits know that we were going to be silent so they could ask us a question. At the 12 second mark, a male voice says something that sounds (to me) very clear. Can you make out what’s being said?

It’s interesting to note that this was recorded during a quick EVP session. When we played the recording of this session, this EVP was not heard on the replay. It’s only heard on my 1st generation recording.

Clip 5: Chris says, “Like organized questions.” Several of us say “OK” and one of us says, “Jim.” This is followed by a disembodied voice–and it’s not Jim. Can you make out what this voice is saying?

Clip 6: You’ll hear several of us talking. This is followed by me asking if someone close to me said something, because I could hear a voice that didn’t belong to anyone in my group. It was only upon listening to the recording that I can hear two EVPs at the 2 and 3 second marks. The EVPs happen just before I ask, “Did you just say something?” Pam also said she heard a disembodied voice at the same time.

Clip 7: The docent says, “I’ll go up[stairs] last.” Michelle says, “Are you sure?” In between the 2 of them, a disembodied voice can be heard. Can you make out what it’s saying?

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