Shinn House (8/8/14): On the Second Floor

Clip 1: We were in Millicent’s room and listening to the playback of a quick EVP session. You’ll hear Chris ask on the recording, “Did somebody touch my elbow?” This is followed by me saying, “It’s ‘something you'” as we try to figure out what a disembodied voice said before Chris asked her question. Right after I say this, a disembodied male voice says, “Yeah.”

Chris jokingly says the disembodied voice was probably saying “F— you.” This makes us laugh. Surprised, Jim says, “What?” Chris then says, “It was probably talking to Jim!” I say, “You got the wrong person,” followed by Jim who says, “Why me?” Then, a disembodied voice says, “Shut up!” To me, it sounds like the same voice said both “Yeah” and “Shut up!”

Clip 2: Several people in the group could feel the spirit of a woman walking back and forth along the hallway on the 2nd floor. I ask, “Can you tell us why you’re doing this?” A male disembodied voice says, “No.” (You’ll hear the sounds of the other people in my group talking softly in the background. No one human says, “No.”)

Right after you hear the disembodied voice, you’ll hear me ask, “Did you just say, ‘No’?” This indicates that, at the time of the recording, I heard the disembodied voice although no one else did. This validates the disembodied voice that says, “No” on the recording.

Clip 3: This was recorded in the attic. Michelle asks the spirits, “Are you at peace?” A disembodied voice can be faintly heard saying, “Yes I am.” I’ve amplified this part of the clip so hopefully you’ll be able to hear the response.

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