Shinn House (5/30/15): Class A EVP in the Kitchen (Part 1)

This was recorded in the kitchen of the Shinn House. My group was setting up in the kitchen and some people were dragging more chairs into the room so everyone could sit on one. There’s approximately 45 seconds of chair moving sounds.

It was pretty loud and you’ll hear Laura J, at the 45 second mark, ask everyone to make less noise when moving the chairs. She was concerned that the other group, in the attic at the time of the recording, would be able to hear the sound and it would interfere with their investigating.

You’ll also hear some of us talking quietly in the background.

Listen at the 1 minute mark. Can you make out what’s said?

Look for my analysis of this EVP (and my response to it) in “Class A EVP in the Kitchen (Part 2).

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