Shinn House (5/30/15): Class A EVP in the Kitchen (Part 2)

Here’s the entire clip of the disembodied voice in the kitchen. It includes my response, as I could clearly hear the voice when it was speaking.

At the time of the recording, I accepted Laura J’s thought that the “Shut up” came from the other group in the attic. We were making quite a lot of noise.

(There were only 2 groups investigating in the Shinn house that night: my group and the other group. The other group was in the attic at the time of this recording and there was an entire floor (2nd floor) between us.)

There was some noise contamination between the groups during the night. So, at the end of the night, we asked the other group if they’d said “Shut up” to us when we were in the kitchen. The other group reported that they had not.

The disembodied voice is pretty loud and sounds like it’s in the kitchen with us. The voice is not muffled, as sounds would be if they were coming from the other group in the attic or from people walking past the house. The disembodied voice also has many of the characteristics associated with other disembodied voices and EVPs.

It was a little odd when I heard the voice in real time. I was sitting quietly in my chair and waiting for the others to finish setting up all the chairs. I was certainly thinking, “Stop dragging the chairs!” but didn’t say anything. It’s a possibility that the disembodied voice is PK activity from my own thoughts and feelings about the situation.

When I heard the disembodied voice, it sounded like it was coming from above us, from the ceiling. I looked up in that direction for some reason and could clearly see the words “Shut up” spelled out in what looked like a Victorian-era text. I couldn’t see any figures or beings, just the words.

This is definitely going on my “Top 10 list” of disembodied voices and EVPs caught on an investigation.

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