Shinn House (5/30/15): 2nd Generation Recordings from the Set-up Room (Part 2)

This is the 2nd part of the notable audio clips I recorded when my group was investigating in the set-up room. (Note: This is not the same time as the pre-investigation or break recordings. Those are posted elsewhere and clearly titled to avoid confusion. My group had both the basement and set-up room to investigate on our turn.)

All of these clips are 2nd generation recordings, my audio recording of Laura’s recording as she played it back for us right after a quick EVP session.

Clip 1: Tu asks, “How many people are in this room right now?” In the background, you can hear voices. It almost sounds like there’s a TV on somewhere else in the house. (There isn’t a TV anywhere in the house.) At the 11 second mark, I can hear a breath-y male voice say what sounds like, “Andy” or “Ann V.”

Clip 2: We are trying to figure out the source of the knocking noises we were hearing during our quick EVP session. I say, “Could be the wind,” as there was a moderately strong breeze blowing that evening. At the 3 second mark, a disembodied female voice says what sounds like the word, “Pass.” The human person who was up next to ask a question did “pass” her turn, so perhaps the disembodied voice was predicting what the human would say.

Clip 3: I ask, “Who did Joseph Shinn marry?” At the 10 second mark, a male disembodied voice says, “Milicent.” Although Joseph Shinn married Lucy first (who died) and then Florence after Lucy died, Milicent was the name of one of his 4 children who lived in the house.

Clip 4: The docent says, “Come out and talk to us!” A disembodied female voice says what sounds like, “Certainly,” followed by a disembodied male voice saying, “As you wish.”

Clip 5: I ask the spirits to name a human in the other group. A disembodied voice says faintly at the 5 second mark, “Chris and Pam.” Both women were in the other group.

Clip 6: The docent asks, “Do you like us visiting you here?” There are 2 sounds/voices at the 4 second mark. I can’t make out what is being said or the source of the sounds. I can tell you that it wasn’t heard during the 1st generation recording; if it had been heard, someone would have tagged it.

Laura J then says, in real time, “There’s a lot of whispering going on in the background.” Right after this, at the 11 second mark, a disembodied voice can be heard saying, “Are you?”

Clip 7: Laura J is wrapping up our quick EVP session and is inviting the spirits to come close so they can hear their answers. At the 5 second mark, a disembodied male voice says,”Why’d you go inside?” This is followed by a different disembodied male voice that says, “Pass.”

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