Shinn House (5/30/15): “Honeymoon Suite”

The “Honeymoon Suite” was Charles Shinn’s bedroom when he lived in the house. These clips all come from this room. This was the first room my group did on the second floor.

Clip 1: Laura J is setting us up to do a dowsing rod session. At the 5 second mark, a loud dragging sound can be heard. It sounds like someone moving furniture around. There is a small deck accessible off the Honeymoon Suite but there wasn’t any furniture on it. The only people on the 2nd floor at this time was my group and none of us were moving things around. (The other group went to investigate the basement.) I’ve included our responses to the dragging sound.

Clip 2: In this clip, you’ll hear Laura J say, “Point in that direction” and “OK.” Right after this, a small, faint cry can be heard. This is similar to what my group heard in the set-up room when we investigated it.

Clip 3: Someone in the group asks the spirits, “Are you hiding?” An echo-y disembodied female voice says at the 5 second mark what sounds like, “I have a hat, too” or “I haven’t had to [hide]” just as Laura J says, “No” in response to the question. I’ve amplified this part of the clip so hopefully you’ll be able to hear the voice.

Clip 4: This is a 2nd generation clip. Someone human says, “To the little girl in the closet. What’s your name?” Just before the clip ends, a disembodied female voice can be heard saying, “Go back there.”

Clip 5: The docent says, “Pass right now.” (She didn’t have a question to ask.) Then, a disembodied woman’s voice says what sounds like, “I’ll take that cake.”

Clip 6: I ask the spirits to name the little girl who is said to have fallen out of the attic window and died. A disembodied voice says, “Quit it for now.”

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