Shinn House (5/30/15): From the Bamboo Room

These clips were recorded in the Bamboo Room, the room with the slightly Asian design motif.

Clip 1: Someone human says, “It was showing a lot of activity as we were clearing out [of the room we were just in].” One of us says, “OK” followed by laughter. At the 3 second mark, a disembodied male voice says, “Alright.”

Clip 2: We were doing a dowsing rod session. Tu asks, “Do you like to swim?” Laura J tells us what the dowsing rods are saying to her: “No.” You can faintly hear Sal who whispers, “No.” This is followed by Laura J who asks Sal if he just said “No.” Sal replies, “I just said no.” Listen right after he says this. A disembodied male voice can be heard also saying, “No.”

In this same clip, Laura J says that she’s hearing whispering around her and she’s wondering where it’s coming from. At the 12 second mark, a different disembodied voice can be heard. Can you make out what it’s saying?

Clip 3: Someone asks, “Are your pets here? With you now?” At the 8 second mark, a disembodied female voice says, “Oh, my God!” I’ve amplified this part of the clip so you can hear the disembodied voice more clearly.

Clip 4: Another “sonar pinging” sound, this time from the Bamboo Room. In this 2nd generation recording, I ask if the spirits know they’re dead. At the 3 second mark, you can hear a pinging noise. I’ve amplified this part of the clip so you can hear it better. This is similar to the sound we heard in the master bedroom.

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